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Reverie Harps

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Let me introduce you to an exciting and unique little musical instrument that I’m proud to say was born from an idea of mine. I named it the Reverie Harp.

Roberts Music © Reverie Harps

A state of pleasant daydreaming.


The Reverie Harp produces a calming sound and can be played by anyone without any training, believe it or not, and apart from the many individuals who now enjoying playing it, the Reverie Harp has found its way into kindergartens, yoga studios, nursing homes, hospices, and hospitals.


Making it possible for anyone to be able to offer soothing sounds and care for others through this instrument was my original intention.

Would you like to know more or try one for yourself?

Let Co-Creator Peter Roberts show you how...

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3 Kindergarten Sleeping Child.jpeg

How to play...

Owner. Creator. Maker.

How to Play

In the beginning...

Owner. Creator. Maker.

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In use


His arms could hardly move, his hands were weak... and then you put the Reverie harp on his lap and suggested to him that he just touch it. He did, and the music started to give him life.

The nurse was there too. She was overwhelmed at his response. It gave him something that nothing else could give him.


I am in absolute Heaven. My harp arrived yesterday afternoon, and I can’t begin to explain how much I am enjoying it. I work as a Recreational Activities Officer in Aged Care and am excited to be able to introduce the amazing sounds this little Harp brings. I am actually thinking of ordering another one, one for home and one for work. The sounds are breathtaking to say the least.

What a wonderful useful instrument. My father passed away in October of last year and I only wish I could have played it for him in his final days. Thankyou so much for such a wonderful instrument and an incredibly fast and efficient service.


Thank you so much. It truly is a beautiful instrument.

I love the colours and grain of the wood and just holding it. I have spent time yesterday and today getting to know my little harp and find it quite soothing and indeed hard to put down. It is aptly named. 




Fleur-Lise Monastesse ~ Cluny, France

refer video


Félix loves my little Reverie Harps

Félix Gendron ~ ClissonFrance

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